Friday Fun Challenge – Above A Distant City

Everything looks so different!

The whole world, the people living in that world.

Our perspective of the world changes so amazingly when we view something from far away or high above.

Like this snap of Muzaffarabad, the capital of the Pakistan-administered territory of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which is taken from the very hills that surrounds the whole city.


Looking at a tiny part of the world from so high is certainly thought provoking in many ways.

This is my entry for Calm Kate’s Friday Fun – Distant.





11 thoughts on “Friday Fun Challenge – Above A Distant City

  1. calmkate March 19, 2020 / 3:01 AM

    You are too kind Hammad … grand views give a better perspective … we realise we are only small cogs in a very large universe πŸ™‚

    Thanks for joining in the fun ❀

    PS I pray things settle in this area soon … make it a no man's land and stop all the bloodshed!

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    • Hammad Rais March 19, 2020 / 6:22 PM

      i pray the same for the whole Kashmir and its people. Because of the trending lock down situation in every country right now, I’m considering it quite ironic about the Kashmiri’s on the Indian Occupied side, who are under lock down since last August.


    • calmkate March 19, 2020 / 11:04 PM

      Ouch I didn’t know about that Hammad … why?

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    • Hammad Rais March 20, 2020 / 4:41 PM

      Well, back in August Indian govt scrapped the Article 370 of the Constitution of India, which revoked special status of Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK). Entire population of more than 20 million people is under lock down state since then, in their own homeland.
      No internet, no TV, no press, no mobile phone coverage in the entire state!
      You can read more about this here:

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    • calmkate March 21, 2020 / 3:38 AM

      wow their PM is a real nazi monster! I hope he goes soon and some noramilty, some humanity prevails … I’ve often felt Kashmir should be part of Pakistan because they are mainly Muslim! And if modi can do that … yuk

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    • Hammad Rais March 21, 2020 / 10:39 AM

      I wish nothing but peace and prosperity for entire Kashmir region, it’s people and for the world.

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