Clipper Diaries – Episode #2 – Feeling The Night

Can you feel the night?

You may have your own ways of feeling the night, after the sun settles down and darkness takes over.

For me, it is about seeing the same world in a bit different way.

Especially, when I drive my car on the roads of Karachi!


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Once again, I invite you to take a virtual ride with me in my Nissan Clipper as I drive through the nights of my city Karachi.

Though I’m driving around in my city for more than 2 years now (yes, I learned to drive in my very late 30’s and you can read about that experience by clicking here), there something really special about driving during the night.

Sometimes, when traffic isn’t much and colors of the surroundings accompany me as I drive around, there’s a feeling that I can’t quite explain in words about the strangeness in the air during those moments and the way it flows within me.

To make this drive a little more special, how about I play the karaoke version of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins? (click here for the original version)

Do let me know about my driving 🙂
VI:IV Films is my YouTube channel project I have created to make short films about the way I think and understand of the world I live in.

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