Mid-Week Monochrome – The Last Petals

Probably making the last stand!

Even when most of the petals of this sunflower had fallen, it is seems like this floral fella is not in the mood of calling it a day without making the last grand stand.


And looking quite mesmerizing in monochrome as well 🙂

For Brashley Photography’s Mid-Week Monochrome #45 – Down the River at Maidstone.

Also sharing with Cee Neuner’s FOTD – November 11 and Kate’s Friday Fun – Still

9 thoughts on “Mid-Week Monochrome – The Last Petals

  1. Bren (Brashley Photography) November 13, 2020 / 1:09 AM

    I like sunflowers and you’ve captured this beautifully.. even though the petals are falling it still has such great elegance. Thank you for sharing and joining in the challenge. xx

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  2. calmkate November 13, 2020 / 1:05 AM

    I like sunflowers 🙂 Unusual seeds tho …

    very still as we are in death 🙂

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    • Hammad Rais November 13, 2020 / 1:08 AM

      The stillness of death is certainly undeniable. And interestingly, this sunflower, along with a young one are the only sunflowers I had captured so far 🙂

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    • Hammad Rais November 13, 2020 / 12:35 AM

      I’m also very much impressed by this version. Thank you so much for liking this, Cee 🙂


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