Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction – Dec 15th

As promised, here is the update for Dec 15th!

As I mentioned in my yesterday’s post (click here to read it), I will be sharing daily photos on my blog about the 2020’s Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.

The sky turned bit white from afternoon and remained so till sunset, so I started to wonder whether I will get a clear view of both planets tonight like previous days or not.

I was able to see them with my naked eye. 

Jupiter was easy to spot but Saturn was bit faint than yesterday, which was probably of the little smoggy sky.


Upon zooming through my smartphone camera app, I was able to capture both planets.


I’m wishing for the sky to remain smog free over my city in the coming days, so that I can view this amazing phenomenon in its prime.

The distance is certainly decreasing between both planets, though it may not seem much.

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