Magical Blue Wall

I believe magic is not just about tricking the mind of your audience (apologies to the real-life magicians here). For me, magic is more about making someone believe the unbelievable.

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A Young Mind Is A Young Tree

Is there a difference between a 5-year old kid, who is just about to get enrolled in a school, and a plant which has just burst open the ground to grow high?

I believe there is no difference. Both are young and they have so much to explore in a  new world, whether by opening their eyes or branching out with stems.

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Prisma Tuesday – Sep 20th

Tuesdays is for Prisma on my blog and you are all welcome to join in.

Today’s feature is Mashriq Center, Karachi.

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A Night Walk In Karachi

Not everything is okay in Karachi. There are areas in city which are eligible to participate in Beverly Hills lookalike contest, if such contest exists. And some areas (or should I say many) are not so lucky. Call it ignorance by people or government’s lack of interest, problems in Karachi are towering high every passing day and this is not good at all.

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Karachi Landmarks – St. Andrews Church

Many churches in Karachi are mainly located in Saddar Town, which is surrounded by urban madness. One of them is St. Andrews Church which was built in 1868.

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Seaview – Take A look In The Kaleidoscope

This summer, citizens of Karachi welcomed monsoon showers with wide open arms. You would have done the same if you had been living in Karachi for past three years without monsoon rain. Dark and heavy clouds showed up every time but they didn’t unloaded themselves up.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

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Karachi Landmarks – Beech Wali Masjid

A white Masjid located in the heart of Karachi, where streets are very much narrow but life expands out incredibly. An area where a single community flourishes and hence provides sense of security, unlike another other place in Karachi.

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On The Road – Dead And Alive

A same life form in two different states.

One is alive, other is not!

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On The Road – A Black Bridge

A pedestrian bridge turned black  one morning for my camera when I was capturing snaps using burst mood.

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The Quiet Sea View III

These days, Karachi’s Arabian Sea is bit angry because of mid summer season. High tides have impale a ban on visiting the beach and this is just so great for a baked up Karachi citizens.


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