On The Road – Paan Cabin

This is a Paan cabin, one of the most noticeable and abundant objects you will see in Karachi. Serving the population of more than 23 million, you can find paan cabins on every road, bus stop, street or market in Karachi.

Nobody knows the exact quantity of paan cabins in Karachi as they are literally everywhere. There are 7 paan cabins near to my home and I can walk pass all of them within 10 minutes time frame. Continue reading

On The Road – Modern Jungle

Honestly speaking, we still live in jungle. No matter how much we modernize our lives and thoughts, the core concept remains the same, always. After all, we are animals, though we call ourselves more social than the others. Continue reading

On The Road – Rushing Down Below

A look on traffic below from Hasan Square bridge in Karachi.

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On The Road – A Rare One

An amazing work of art by some really gifted hands. You may find simple designs in most homes here in Karachi but not as complex as this one, so I’m calling this as rare. Continue reading

On The Road – Passengers Of Green

Green buses of Karachi runs on compress natural gas (CNG). Since fares are cheap, so finding a place inside to stand firmly, as the bus runs wild on road, is an accomplishment.

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On The Road – 3 Wheels Of China

Like many other countries, rickshaws are in Karachi also and you can spot a one on the road after every five seconds. Or may be less.

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On The Road – A Black Bridge

A pedestrian bridge turned black  one morning for my camera when I was capturing snaps using burst mood.

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On The Road – The Load On Wheels

Scenes like this are very common in Karachi. A motorbike here serves many purpose beside just commuting.

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On The Road – A Little Before Sunset

I love to take pictures while traveling on road as it gives me a glimpse of a world, full of strangers and running wildly. So starting from today, I will share an “On The Road” picture here on my blog. Continue reading