A Young Mind Is A Young Tree

Is there a difference between a 5-year old kid, who is just about to get enrolled in a school, and a plant which has just burst open the ground to grow high?

I believe there is no difference. Both are young and they have so much to explore in a  new world, whether by opening their eyes or branching out with stems.

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A Dose Of Fun In Learning

No more fun and games!

Well, okay just a little amount certainly won’t hurt anyone but time is now here to focus more on study and learning new things.

That’s right!

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Guest Post: How To Build A DIY Model Bridge With Recycled Stuff

Build your very own model bridge set with recycled stuff. Takes about 20-25 minutes to build up but provides hours of fun for both children and parents.

Check it out here

Thanks to Random Bytes for this great post

Smart Parenting: There is no APP for it

How much “smart” the world has become? The answer lies in your perception of “smartness”. If you consider yourself a smart person, then you must have that extra spark in you which you can ignite whenever you need it. But on the other hand, the very split second you have finished reading my question, picture of your “smart gadget” flashed in your mind, then this post is for you, my friend.

Smart Gadgets

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Little Shop of Memories

Pencils, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, Geometry Tools, Pens, Rulers, Marking Pens. What does all these things have common? You might say school or a classroom or things a student need most. Ask me this & I will say just two words: Sweet memories

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