WDYS #149 – A Surprise

“Okay, we are all set now. Thanks for coming over, Tom.”

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The Legacy Of A Long Gone Empire

There are two ways to tell a story. The first is about writing several paragraphs or pages about an event or a series of them. You build up your characters, move them along nicely while keeping the pace of your story intact. And then ending it all up when the message you wanted to convey through your story is accomplished.

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Beast Within The Beauty

WARNING: This is not for weak hearts!

Do you consider yourself beautiful? I’m sure you do because you are. You may not have a picture perfect face or body but for someone, you are the most beautiful person in the world. And this makes you feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

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Wooden Pegs

Can you count them in less than 5 seconds?


Don’t worry. I will not place any fine if you took more than 5 seconds. I took about 8 seconds and I didn’t fined myself 🙂




Three Trees And Me

Two palm trees and a coconut tree, right across the street from my home. Some times I feel I grew up with them.

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Paint Is Old

Paint is getting old in this section of my home, peeling off slowly with the passage of time.



Taken by Motorola Droid Ultra, uneditted

GG’s Art

This is the work of my friend’s friend, whom I only know by her initials: GG

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The Steps On The Stairs

The steps on the stairs go round and round,
Round and round,
Round and round.
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Take The Stairs

Going up or down!
Or even play on them,

These stairs at my home reminds me everyday what special place my home holds in my heart.


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Shiny, No More!

Just like this old door hinge, which was shiny when installed but got all rusty as time passed, I too feel the same about myself.

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