Lens-Artists Challenge – Rocky Details

I tried to climb once

Those untouched rocks

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FOTD Saturday – May 2nd

Extending ahead

To grasp the dreams

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A Little Glimmering Sunset Bright

The day is ending now

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In The Mean Time

There was a time

When I was nothing

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Gracious Strangers

Some gracious ones

In life’s journey

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Steps For The Top

Standing at the top

While viewing a day’s end

Mind and heart finally sync up

Not because of the day’s end

But to wonder about tomorrow

Over the steps of today

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

A Dreamy Rant

Awakening from my sleep

I wonder about the dreams

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What’s Cooking On!

The flames passed away

So long ago

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A Moon’s Bright

Those full moon nights

Of long gone summers

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Embracing The Light

Is there a chance

To be what we want

When life is all tangled

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