In An Ant’s Way

Pick an ant!

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Thursday Thoughts – April 7th

Here’s a one for today!

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And Now, 2022!

And so, another set of 365 days is now a palette of memories.

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The Absence

Yup, I’m missing out a lot!

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Years Went By On The Stairs

One step up and time will move forward!

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If We Could Have Met, Like For Real

Wouldn’t that be Something!

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Once Upon A Seriousness

“Are you serious?”

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How Do I Heal?

Is there a way to heal quickly?

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A Pair Of Flyers

I spotted them one fine morning!

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Re-blog – Our Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World!

While spending yet another day inside my home and wondering about when and how the current pandemic will make an exit from our lives, I found out via Google Doodle that today is April 22nd.

The day of our Earth!

And I remembered a post I published back in 2017. Featuring Louis Armstrong’s classic What A Wonderful World, I shared snaps taken by me with the lyrics of the song.

So for few moments of your today, just think about how much wonderful this world of ours really is, despite what is currently happening here right now.

Blog of Hammad Rais

Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World is the only song, in my opinion, capable of describing in simplest of words what our planet is really all about.

And since we are celebrating Earth Day today, so I got this idea of showing you pictures I have taken, using the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s classic number.

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