Copy Writing


Beside blogging and content writing, I have familiarized myself with copy writing also. Although, I have not written up any copy writing material for any company, I have written up material for different products ranging from camping gear, music systems, toys, health equipment, home appliances and more.

For this purpose, I created another WordPress site 10 Gadget Lane last year. I initially planned to work on this in parallel with my blog but because of time limitation, I was unable. But I did tried out my hands on few products and created their promotional material. Check them out below:

Pizza Box Oven
The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set
Grip Strip
Sony SRS-X11 Portable Speaker
The Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multi-Tool
PowerUp 3.0: Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane
The Plane, Train, And Automobile Solar Backup Battery
Matador Pocket Blanket
Pac-Man Ghost Light
Logitech Keys-to-go – Mobile Keyboard for Android and Windows
The Fan Cooled Portable Lawn Chair
The Bug Blasting Blunderbuss



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