Post Sharing And Guest Posting


Sharing is caring and I very much believe in this. One main benefit of becoming a blogger is that you just don’t share your views and opinions with the world.

Reading and understand different cultures and norms of people from all over the world. Like minded individuals connects very fast and through blogging, this is easily achievable.

I follow some really great bloggers on WordPress community and share their work on my blog from time to time. Some featured posts are:

27 Apps Making The Busy Mom’s World A Better Place
The Chain Of Light By Erika Kind
Snorkeling in the Maldives: Part I
Snorkelling, Turtles and a Middle Ear Injury
10 Essential Items You Should Bring With You To The Annual Bloggers Bash
Poetry Is Honey For The Soul (8) – Hammad Rais
Monday Window: Jumeirah Mosque
Please Help Our Momma!
36 Ways To Lower Your Energy Use This Summer
Walt Disney World Vol. 1: Magic Kingdom
The Lagoons of El Nido: Part I
Every Blogger READ THIS POST!
10 Simple Changes To Help You Lose Weight
Post I Like: 15 Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid
Post I Like – Exploring Egypt By Karina Pinella
Post I Like – Jordan Journey By Karina Pinella

I also guest posted on a French blogger’s website in which I not only introduced Karachi but also about different cultures and cuisines you can find here. Check out those posts below:

Touring Pakistan. Where we meet our guide and visit his city
If we had coffee together today, I would take you to Pakistan…

Kally Tay of MiddleMe and I collaborated on a 2-part series about how to train the minds we work with. In this series, I explained what I do for living and also shared my workplace experiences. Via this series, I received very positive feedback from all over the world. Check out this series by clicking below:

A Conversation On How To Train The Minds We Work With
A Conversation On How To Train The Minds We Work With (cont)



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