Son of Mine


In 2013, my life changed!

I received the most precious gift of my life in the form of my son, Uzair. The moment he opened his eyes was my life’s greatest moment. He is an integral part of my life and also of my blog.

From time to time, I do share my son’s feelings, how he view the world along with my own experiences as a father on my blog. Here are few notable posts:

No to Milk, Yes to Water
Change of Flavor
Uzair And His Nana
My Tears On His Shirt
The Second Brick
A Very Big Day
Baba, Look!
Baba, I Can’t Do It!
Half Paddling
Can I Have Them All?
The Day I Became A Lion Hunter
Have You Ever Shared Your Lunch With Crows?
Into Year Four
Sleep Of My Little One
Road To Big Test
A No Smoking Saga
An Era’s End
Proud And Happy Today




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