Sunday Stills – A Little Jade

But obviously, not alone!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – A Turtle Reflection

This fella was a bit camera shy!

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FOTD Thursday – 25th April

Two are better than one!

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Between Yes And No

Is it a yes?

Or is it a no?

image courtesy of

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Fun Foto Challenge – Alone

Being alone is beneficial in so many ways.

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Tuesday’s Odd Ball – Lonely Rose

A lonely red rose, lying on the floor.

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Just Sing

I tried to sing once
But my words refused to

They ran in different directions
And I was all alone

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Lonesome Sunset

Yeah, yeah! I know, it’s Valentine’s day and no wants to be alone. But some are not as lucky as the rest.

This is for them:


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We Begin!

And so we begin!

Holding hand in hand
Taking one step at a time


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O’ my heart you are a wanderer
Life is a journey
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