A Spark Within

I do like to see

At the bright side

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FOTD Tuesday – May 19th

Life is like a giant shelf

Filled up with what not

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Along The Way

I don’t know

What lies ahead

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – I Look For

I hope for the good

And watch out for bad

A simple motto of mine

I adopted so long ago

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Oldie Twisted

I spotted this old sea snail shell on beach and picked it up.

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Floral Friday – May 25th

What once was, is nothing but memory now!

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To Let It All Out

What I hold within

May fill the world

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Slow Down Please

Can the world slow down?


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The Wrongfully Right

Right or wrong, good or bad, big or small, light or dark, white or black. These are just few of so many uncountable variations to define two different sides. Irrespective of what they are and what they do, both sides balances not only the world around us but also our lives in so many ways.


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10 Cheapest Ways To Cure A Bad Day

10 Cheapest Ways To Cure A Bad Day

Ah, the bad days. If you are going through one, you just simply wish to vanish yourself off from the face of Earth or you think about freezing the entire world like Prof Xavier and undo all the wrong things, but this can’t happen. You may have woke up this morning with all the positive energy but one tiny mishap has turned your mood upside down.

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