How To Make A Fast Food Cake?

Oh, how much do you love cakes?

There is no perfect answer to this question as you may have a list of your favorite cakes but then one day, a new variety takes your breath away.

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Raspberry And White Chocolate Cookies

Beside being delicious and easy to make, a summer morning or evening seems so incomplete without them. Well, not just only summer but also other seasons as well.

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German Chocolate Cake Balls

Beside rolling out some of the most astonishing cars on planet, today I found out these German Chocolate Cake Balls are also very much to die for.

Okay, they might not be from Germany but they definitely worth a try.

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Cake!

Lemons! Life is sure so full of them!

So what to do with lemons when life gives them to you?

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How To Make Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Another chocolate brownie recipe but this is specially for Vegans. Simple ingredients and easy preparation makes this a good choice.

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Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes

Okay, this one requires a little more effort and some great handwork but once you have made it, the looks on those faces, to whom you present it to, will be the best reward.

And what about little kids, who just love chocolate and butterflies?

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Mini Cake Bites

Two lovely mini cake bites recipe by Helen Fern, featuring Coconut and Chocolate Mocha.

Now, who can say no to these?

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Loaded Breakfast Cookies

Now who will say no to freshly baked cookies on breakfast table? I will certainly not!

Loaded breakfast cookies with oats, blueberries and chocolate chips from My Beauty of Imperfection
image courtesy of Cally

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Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake

Hmmm, Mug Cakes!

They seem different to me from those cupcakes I’m eating since my childhood. Might try these out for a change. You should too!

Thanks to Face Camera Action for this delight!

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