Those Who Have Walked Before Me

The tracks are all around us!

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WWE Wednesday – Catching Old Waves

Recalling the crashes

And the loud booms

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A Shiny Moment On The Sand

Still away from the beach I’m!

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Little Reminders

The blooming of flowers

Birds soaring high in the sky

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Re-blog – Coasting

Upon reading this lovely set of thoughts about coast and beach from Paula, mixed sense of feelings crashed over my mind.

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Wordless Wednesday – Up In The Air

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These Wheels Are Made For Turning

Riding on nicely!

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A Wish For Smooth Paths

It’s a long way ahead

Towards the destination

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Steps For The Top

Standing at the top

While viewing a day’s end

Mind and heart finally sync up

Not because of the day’s end

But to wonder about tomorrow

Over the steps of today

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

CFFC Thursday – A Texturing Opposite

Here’s another attempt!

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