The Absence

Yup, I’m missing out a lot!

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Weekend Sky #29 – May 29th

Layers to begin with!

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Weekend Sky #20 – March 13th

An obscurity up there!

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Weekend Sky #16 – Feb 13th

And here we go again!

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Weekend Sky #09 – Dec 5th

The little desires aren’t so faraway from me

But they are also not so easy to reach!

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Five Years And Me

An amazing ongoing journey!

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My Year Three

Can’t stop time from flying but I can say thanks!


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My Year Two

Human mind, such a wonder it is. Capable of performing unimaginable feats in countless ways. Can store lifetime of memories yet can’t recall the most important ones when mostly needed. Especially when an individual’s mind is locked on tasks placed upon his shoulders and back by his manager.

That particular individual is Me!

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In Just 46 Days

Well, this is something really phenomenal. At least for me! And here are bouquets for you in advance 🙂


In just 46 days, and yes of course with a very  humongous support/appreciations/ comments/likes from so many great people like you, my little blog has been viewed more times than it was viewed last year from Feb 2015 to Dec 2015. Continue reading

WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Jason C. Cushman is holding a bloggers meet and greet!!
What are you waiting for??
Click below and introduce yourself to the world!!