Post I Like – Wednesday Wisdom

A set of 5 amazing motivational quotes for today by Philosophy Via Photography

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Re-blog – Coasting

Upon reading this lovely set of thoughts about coast and beach from Paula, mixed sense of feelings crashed over my mind.

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If We Could Have Met, Like For Real

Wouldn’t that be Something!

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FOTD Monday – Feb 8th

I’m missing out the fun!

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Weekend Sky #09 – Dec 5th

The little desires aren’t so faraway from me

But they are also not so easy to reach!

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A Love Letter For Hearts

Now, this is a very special!

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Can You Hear My Call – A Visual Poem

Here’s another attempt!

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Post I Like: Social Distance

And now, few thoughts on the growing trend of Social Distancing by Kate.

Read it out!


self isolation, keeping a social distance
allows space to look inside without resistance

life is so full of distractions
time to check our reactions

we all have ample, enough
no need to hoard more stuff

take a walk, read a book
get outside, take a look

life is far too short
for us to get caught

in panic and fear
for we are all dear

so find your inner peace
wondrous what it can release

use this opportunity
for this has brought us unity!

friday fun – distance

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Five Years And Me

An amazing ongoing journey!

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Three Things Challenge – Feb 13th

Three things and me!

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