Three Things Challenge – July 12th

I can’t charge towards everything

As I know my boundaries well enough

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Floral Friday – June 26th

Can usual be enough?

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Friday Oddball – Taller Finally

Not literally though!

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Heavy Moments

What can you hear

When no one is speaking

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Live Outside The Box

Think outside the box is so old now, don’t you agree?

First of all, why is it always a box? Why can’t it be a basket or a tote or even a damn shopping cart with wheels on it, so that you can drive it around? Why does it always have to be THE BOX?


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To The World That’s Quick To Judge

How we see ourselves?

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Our Voyage

We started up our journey
Not in this world as we think

But in a place beyond
Our wildest imagination

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Bridge To Sunshine

Yes, just like you, I also want to drive on that bridge towards the sunshine.

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Post I Like: Relaxing Music

Feeling tired? Mind begging you to stop thinking and just close your eyes?

Then do so without wasting a moment because a rest to refresh ourselves is the best what we can give to not only our body, but also to our souls.
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