True And False

Yesterday, I read this old one-liner:

True love never dies!


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Guest Post: 7 Ways To Free Your Mind

Our mind, yes that little organ of our body which weighs on average about 1.3–1.4 kg (2.9–3.1 lb), or about 2% of our total body weight, and working constantly since the first breath we took, sometimes need a break.

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Oh No!! Here Comes The Elephant!!!!

Elephants are big. Massive walking creatures with a trunk. Long ago, I seen one in my local zoo. She was a female named Rani (Queen) I think and she entertained kids for decades. Continue reading

Mind Concert

How many times you have suffered from this: a song or jingle of a TV ad or serial got stuck in your head and it just won’t leave, no matter what you do?

Mind Music

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