Wordless Wednesday – The Bus Riders

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Pull Up A Seat – Old Timers

The last riders!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Carefree Rides

Easy riders they are!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Nightly Views

A night holds more than just darkness!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Going Blur

Clear they may not be!

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Re-blog: You Just Can’t Stop Running

Because of last night’s late return home from a wedding event, I slept up late. Though I woke up on time in morning but somehow made myself late in leaving home for work.

Hence, I had to run a little to catch my bus, which was waiting for me at the stop, thankfully. That little running made me realized, after I sat in the bus and collected up broken breaths, that I can’t really run in real life also.

Despite being good at walking long distances, I can’t cover the same distance through running. Which is a definite sign for me that I’m now transitioning into not-that-young-lad-anymore era of my life.

And which is also reminding me today about this piece I wrote back in 2017 about running without any breaks.

Read it out!

Blog of Hammad Rais


Running out for so long

Sometime, I wish for a break

But there is no slowing down

Or even a pause sign ahead

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Public’s Transport

Wanna hit the road?

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Wordless Wednesday – Feelin’ Hippie


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Monday’s Odd Ball – VIP On Top

This scene is very common in my town.

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The Stranger On The Bus Restored My Faith In Humanity

Despite what is going on in the world today and what the “chosen one” is signing upon everyday, people of the world are still what matters the most. Because you, me, our families and our friends, we are the world. We shape the very world we live in through mutual understanding and cooperation.

image courtesy of Hijabi Online

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