Lens-Artists Challenge – Holding On To My Bliss

Every passing day

A certain feeling engulfs me

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Squaring Trees – Right Next To The Giants

Not an easy feat for sure!

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FOTD Tuesday – Sep 29th

Surround with care!

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Leaving My Mark

I’m making my mark

In this world somehow

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Lifeless Flowerpots

They could’ve been so much more than this!

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Like A Cloud

Like a cloud high above, you protect us
From the heat and harshness of life


Even a little shower of love
Makes you so special and gentle

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Not Just Feet They Are

For rest of the world, these are just feet of two persons.


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3,652 Days

That’s 10 years to be precise, including two leap years. And today, this number of 3,652 is very special for me.


Because 10 years ago today, which was January 20th 2006, I got married!!!!

The Day We Got Married

Yup, there you have it!! The Surprise I was talking about since last week, this is it!!

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Can I Have Them All?

Uzair (my son) is pretty fond of toy cars. His toy collection mostly consists of all sorts of cars and he loves to play with all day long. You can check this post about those cars.

These pictures gives you an idea about how much he loves toy cars:


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Time to Cool Down!!

After letting the lava out of myself through my last post, I’m now cooled up. To be honest, I don’t get angry very often and try my utmost best to stay as cool and calm. I really don’t want to hurt others through my actions.

Lava Meets Ocean

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