One Word Sunday – Dual Treats

A match made for the taste buds!
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Bring On The Biryani

Okay, this is a post for food lovers!

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13 Mouth-watering Desi Dishes Of Pakistan

Like every other country on this planet, Pakistan also have its own local cuisines that can not only perform the task of mouth-watering, but also dive deep into your taste buds and leave you speechless.


Because, your tongue is under the control of taste buds as they are ignoring all signals sent by your brain to speak about that mouth-watering desi food bite in your mouth.

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Touring Pakistan – For The Love Of Food

In this episode of Touring Pakistan series, which I have written for Camille de Fleurville’s blog, you will find out about the foods of Pakistan, a little introduction about them and their different varieties.

I have also talked an unknown aspect of a Pakistani woman, along with some basic Pakistani family traditions which are part of a Pakistani society.

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Guest Post: Time For Some Vietnamese Food

Okay, let me be straight forward here: I have never tasted Vietnamese food before and may not be able to for, let say, may be years to come.

But the way Catherine is describing about this Vietnamese food place in Argyle (CTA station), Chicago, makes me want to book my tickets for Chicago on the very next flight out of Karachi.

vietnam 2
image courtesy of Catherine

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