After All Was Done

Timing was everything

In order to score big

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What Happened To Good Ol’ Tommy

Good ol’ Tommy didn’t likes flies

He would swat them around in multiple tries

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CFFC Tuesday – A Yellow’s Bloom

Let it bloom!

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Just One More Step

After what seems like a lifetime

The last of the steps

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For Our Own Sake

Smite the world

With your mindfulness

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Long Gone Wonders

I have thrown away

So many bottles

Into the sea of life

Filled with memories

Of varied kind

I know they are long gone

And will never return

Back to me

But a faint hope of twist

Flickers deep in the heart

Making me wonder

About what if……

Smiles For Today

Because we all need to!

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Uzair And The Stairs

A look back in time!

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A Not So Comfy Zone

Lying on my bed

My eyes staring at

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What’s Burning Up, Doc?

Sniffing through the discussions

One can either sense

Tasteful aroma

Or burning emotions

close up photo of kettle
Photo by Kim van Vuuren on

No need to overfill the kettle

As ingredients should be just right

And good to keep the flames

Much lower from max

As good discussions

Are best served

With warmness in hearts

And mindful understandings

For RDP Monday – Kettle and Word Of The Day – Sniff