Can Stars Fall Asleep

Can we fell asleep

On an uneasy night

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Floral Friday – Oct 15th

Tiny wishes!

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A Sorrowful Evening

Oh, you poor heart!

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Weekend Sky #33 – July 3rd

Just before the rise!

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Weekend Sky #17 – Feb 20th

Towards a little peacefulness!

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Love Letters From Istanbul, Turkey

A nephew traces his uncle’s lost love in Turkey, some 40 years after his uncle’s death

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Break Of Dawn

The first step is always the crucial one!

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How Long To Wait?

For how long

One should wait?

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters C or D

Another week, another set of two letters for Cee Neuner’s Black & White Photography Challenge.

This week’s theme are letters C or D. Both of them were quite a challenge for me but I figured them out by digging deep into my archive 🙂

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A Burning Star


Behind all these moments
There is one such
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