Sunday Poser #97 – How Am I Driving?

A very interesting question by Sadje for this week’s Sunday Poser!

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One Word Sunday – Road Trip Plains

A look on a past road trip!

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CBWC Saturday – Toys To Drive

A father and son, sharing the same passion!

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Pull Up A Seat – Old Timers

The last riders!

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Passing By The Greens On Highway

They pass by so fast!

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Fun Foto Challenge – My Ride

Wanna ride?

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Fun Foto Challenge – What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy?

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Prisma Tuesday – June 20th

Sometimes, I strongly wish to drive away on empty roads.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Windows

Driving fast alongside green mountains and majestic valleys, you may feel an urge to just keep on moving like this forever.

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Superheros of Karachi Roads

Superheros of Karachi Roads

Beside celebrating International Workers Day today, millions of geeky fans, have another reason to smile as Superhero mania is back by the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron in cinemas.

For past few years, the craze of Superheros has engulfed this planet like a storm. You can see them in action on big and small screens, read about their adventures in comics, become a superhero yourself (partially of course) through video games and so much more. Continue reading