Once Upon A Night

When the moon lit up the sky

And dreams twinkled like stars

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A Tale Of Certain Seasons

Over my face

Those looks were locked

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To Seek Or Not To Seek

What I seek

Is may be ahead of me

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Monday’s Odd Ball – From Post To Post

A lot happens in between!

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Prisma Tuesday – Apr 18th

You may have to draw an unorthodox box around your weird thought, if you have any.

And I’m very sure that you, like rest of the world, have plenty of weird thoughts in your mind.

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Looking Inside From Outside

Having 4 days of official leaves in my hand, I planned out to watch couple of movies. But that plan didn’t worked out for many reasons. The biggest: I caught cold.

So watching multiple movies plan turned into a single movie watching and what I watched made me really glad.

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Just T.H.I.N.K

As soon as I handed him my phone (Nokia 710), my friend declared it as a crappy phone.

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A Fridge Note

The fridge in my office canteen malfunctioned few days ago. A note was placed on its door:

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