A Reality Check

The time will come

To take the plunge

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Stories In The Shadows

Have you ever wondered

About stories untold

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Hold On To Dreams And Fantasies

Life is real for sure

Burdened with ups and downs

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Away From Usual

The road seems never ending

When long stretches of time

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FOTD Tuesday – May 21st

The escape!

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Saturday’s Odd Ball – Dead Chairs Society

Once, they were the escaping pods.

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Poor Boy’s Dream

spinning top

Real all so highly seem

But it may just not

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Two Times The Sun

I wish to see sunrise like these everyday. They are so peaceful and light up our world.

Thanks to getlostleila and Thomas Gable for capturing them and sharing with us.

Sabine Sunrise. Not sure how I feel about the edit… – by getlostleila

The Possibility of Escape by Thomas Gable

Oh No!! Here Comes The Elephant!!!!

Elephants are big. Massive walking creatures with a trunk. Long ago, I seen one in my local zoo. She was a female named Rani (Queen) I think and she entertained kids for decades. Continue reading