Lens-Artists Challenge – Favorites Of Mine

Are very hard to pick!

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Tuesday Sky – 12th July

A settling magic!

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Cellpic Sunday – Ripples From Above

Gentling towards the evening!

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Weekend Sky #66 – June 25th

If I could just fly away!

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Whatever Is Lovely – An Evening Snack

This may tempt you a little!

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Weekend Sky #63 – May 14th

An absence!

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Weekend Sky #62 – April 17th

Nearly beamed up!

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Squaring Odds – An Edge Of Three

An oddity high above!

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People Will Ask

People will ask why feeling sad

So, would you open up your heart

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CBWC Friday – A Evening Cup

Sometimes, I prefer small!

The very thought of holding a cup or mug of our favorite hot beverage on a cold winter day provides the much need warmth.

So, why not do it for real 🙂

Okay, my hand is not in the frame here but I did enjoyed this small cup of tea on a winter’s evening.

Just like every evening of winter 🙂

For Cee Neuner’s CBWC: Cups or Glasses containers of any type