An End To Remember

Gathering my last few breathes

As I finally took the fall

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Photo A Week Challenge – Artificial Browns

Not the natural ones they are!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – A Trio Of S

Yeah, I’m already missing them!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Might’s Fall

As you are about

To take your usual fall

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Leaves Are Lovely

Time is nearing by for them to fall!

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Post I Like: Fifty Words Story Collaboration: A Great Fall

Let me share with you a brilliant short story to read this Halloween. Not much scary it is, but it will give you some chills.

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First Day Of Fall

Yes, I know!

Sep 23rd isn’t the day of 2016’s Autumn Equinox. It was yesterday and I suppose most of you already witnessed in some form. I didn’t got the chance and even though leaves did fell off the trees, I didn’t had the slightest of idea about Sep 22nd 2016 being Autumn Equinox.

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Fall Foliage – The Changing Colors Of Hunza

Feast your eyes upon some fall colors of Hunza, when leaves turn yellow and blissful autumn breeze sings to you.

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Guest Post: Autumn. Fall. Two names for one season?

As I mentioned in my last post 3 Days of Heat about the gruesome heatwave that hit my city this past weekend, I think it is appropriate to talk about another season. In fact how about a totally new season??

image courtesy of

Jesse Martineau is the inventor of this new season

Autumn. Fall. Two names for one season?.