Have You Ever Shared Your Lunch With Crows?


What you are about to read is last night’s conversation between me, Jia (my wife) and Uzair (my son):

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Guest Post: Time For Some Splish-Splash

I love to play in water. Mostly because I’m an Aquarius and since my symbol is water bearer, I like to play with all the water I have.

Megan of TheMomHood recently shared some really great shots of water. She captured such perfect splashes as her daughter helped her out.

image courtesy of TheMomHood


The Day I Became A Lion Hunter

Like all other fathers of super-charge kid (or kids), weekend is something very special. Kids anxiously look forward to spend time with their daddies who were unable to play with them on weekdays because of their jobs.


Uzair is no exception and weekend for him means staying with his Baba from dusk till dawn, and beyond. Continue reading

Waiting for Customers

An open air ice cream parlor waiting for customers in Karachi.


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A Barbecue Hat-trick

This year, record has been broken by my family. At this point, let me clarify that none of your own personal record (or records, if you have any) have been kicked out from the #1 spot. If you own any records, then I hope they are still intact. Continue reading