A Fan Of Nightly Greens

Few nightly captures from my old camera!

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A Little Glimmering Sunset Bright

The day is ending now

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Above A City’s Bright

A look from a higher point!

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Steps For The Top

Standing at the top

While viewing a day’s end

Mind and heart finally sync up

Not because of the day’s end

But to wonder about tomorrow

Over the steps of today

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

Embracing The Light

Is there a chance

To be what we want

When life is all tangled

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Friday’s Oddball – Back To The Cubicle

It finally happened!

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A Spider’s Nightly Bright

Caught in the web!

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CMMC Friday – Rectangles On The Top

An early design!

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One Word Sunday – Brightening With Spring

The new is upon us!

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Floral Friday – March 26th

This rose ain’t fully red

And there’s no violet around

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