CMMC Monday – Yellow To Be

And now, how about some yellow?

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CFFC Wednesday – A Whole Of Hole

What to when life gives you holes?

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Empty Shells

They served their purpose!

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Floral Friday – 5th April

Oh the joy!

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Wait And See

image courtesy of

What usually begin

As a little seed

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The Story Of My Garden

I work in a garden where many other gardeners also work. Some of them have more tools than others, hence they can perform more efficient gardening. This garden comprises of many sections and it is full of different kinds of plants. Many of them produce fruits all year long while many are not so fortunate.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Yellows

Yellow is the theme for this week’s Cee Fun Foto Challenge and here are my entries:


Uzair never plays much with this race car but I like it

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Double Bananas

My brother-in-law showed up few days ago with a dozen or so bananas and this unique one (or should I say two) was among the bunch.

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Mixed Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Before today, I was under the impression that smoothies are just beverages.

But Jamie corrected me up by showing this mixed fruit bowl which is not a fruit salad but a smoothie.

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Brownie Fruit Pizza

Okay, this one is unique. In fact, out-of-this world is more appropriate for this!

Word pizza creates a picture of meat, cheese, all kinds of sauces, vegetables, and what not. One of the most consumable meal on the planet, pizza is loved by all and who can say no to it.

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