One Word Sunday – Old Doing New

Certainly everyday

Our pair of old hands

Do so much new for us

But once the job is done

That same entirely new

Morphs into an old

And so, our hands

Takes another step

To be more old

For Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday – Old

Love Is Not In The Air

With bit of a luck

I may find a hug

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One Word Sunday – Handful

Give a hand!

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A Raging Battle

On those battlefields

Where right and wrong

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Thursday’s Odd Ball – A Wet Puzzle

I need a hand or two to solve up this one!

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Dusty Words

Words ain’t old or new

They stay afresh

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Hands

As I’m typing this using my hands, which are in their late 30’s now, I’m wondering about young hands of Uzair.

There was a time when Uzair’s hands were so tiny, only good for grasping his parents fingers. Continue reading

On The Road – A Rare One

An amazing work of art by some really gifted hands. You may find simple designs in most homes here in Karachi but not as complex as this one, so I’m calling this as rare. Continue reading

He and She – In Park

He and She - In Park

He saw Her in park few days ago
Then He started to jog everyday

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