Weekend Sky #62 – April 17th

Nearly beamed up!

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Sunday Stills – A Little Jade

But obviously, not alone!

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CBWC FOTD Saturday – June 26th

How do our senses work?

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Let’s Understand

I’ve my own reasons

To be what I am

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FOTD Monday – Sep 9th

I would prefer to stay

Where peace reigns

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Lens Artist Challenge – Harmonizing

One can actually be a sum of many!

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How Much To Give To Get Some?

An out-of-nowhere spike in workload will always result in the utter disturbance of inner harmony, especially for someone who so much long to keep his mind sane.

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Friday Quote, April 15

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Friday Quote, April 8th

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Mix Plate #13

Okay, now it’s been a hat-trick here once again. I was thinking about doing this post earlier this week but because of so much “other” work, I was unable to.

But that didn’t put me away in doing what I love to do. Serving specials to my dear friends!

Without further ado, enjoy today’s favorites along with your weekend!

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