Floral Friday – Sep 30th

Roses are a bit special!

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FOTD Tuesday – Sep 20th

Heart holds so much

In the name of love and desire

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Apparently

There’s so much more

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FOTD Cellpic Sunday – Aug 28th

There’s a way

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Play It Again And Again

A fancy one here

A glittering one there

This ain’t “that!”

So much to look at


That unique pulsion within

Keeps poor heart in a constant spin

Oh, this collection with such pizazz

Generating vibes of a melodic jazz

FOTD Wednesday – Aug 10th

What lies in the heart?

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 57

The Possible Dream

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Floral Friday – July 22nd

There’s a track

We should all follow

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Time To Sail

Winds of change

Always in motion

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A Night’s Rhythm

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