Timely Lessons

Time takes away a lot

But hands over the lessons

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Post I Like – Jordan Journey By Karina Pinella

Yup, I’m still visiting the past!

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Post I Like – Exploring Egypt By Karina Pinella

A chance to be with the past!

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Blasting From The Past

Standing against time they are!

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Photo For The Week 13 – Cool Are Columns

For being supportively elegant!

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Thatta – A Star From The Past

What once was a city for kings and emperors, is now just a small dot on today’s world.

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One Word Photo Challenge – Horse

The relationship between human and horse is as old as time itself.

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Wondrous Marvels Of Faith In Pakistan

What better way to leave your mark on land than to build something on it!

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The Mystery Of Shela Bagh

This past Sunday, I went back in time!

A forgotten railway tunnel, built back in the late 19th century by the British Raj in Indian subcontinent, took me back to my childhood as I used to watch it almost everyday.

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Thoughts For Thursday – Sep 1st

A start of a new month, 9th in fact. Time is really flying so fast, isn’t it?

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