The Meal Is Ready To Serve

So, who’s hungry?

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Don’t Be Upsetti, Eat Some Spaghetti

Want some?

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A Fan Of Homemade Space Shuttle

Ready to liftoff?

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Squaring Up The Burgers

Homemade that is!

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One Word Sunday – Dual Treats

A match made for the taste buds!
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Fun Foto Challenge – Close To Taste

Get close to few scrumptious bites!

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Just Pause And Look Back

Last week of 2016 this is and it seems like first week was just yesterday.

Life is sure passing fast, like a bullet train.

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12 Handmade Gifts For Any Occasion

Brain storming on buying a perfect gift can be stressful for many of us. I know this because I have went through this many times myself.

But Rachel is here for our rescue as she is telling us to go handmade!

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Homemade Slushies With Ice Cream

Summer means more time outside, less time inside. And more time being on the outside means enduring heat also, unless you cool off yourself in the pool.

But there is another way!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Topic of Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 2 is Fresh.

Having fresh diet during weekdays is very essential for all those 9 to 5 people. Since I belong to that group, so I have a very special person in my life who keeps my diet healthy and fresh. Continue reading