A Lifetime Of Filtering

I like this

I hate that

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Dreaming For A Fruitful Field

The grounds were high and low

Barren many ages ago

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Monday Macro FOTD – April 5th

Wrapped beneath the wonders

There are mysteries to uncover

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Much Ado About Dreams

Inflating dream after dream

In a desperate hope

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Round And Round

Going around in circles

Either walking or running

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – About Tomorrow

 Flying away

At a day’s end

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Clouds Of Yesteryear

They filled the sky above me

In the most amazing way

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Wheels O’ Wheels

How long for the circle to get complete?

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Life Still Going On But Are We?

The very perspective of life and the true meaning of it may unfold for us,  all thanks to a tiny humane virus!

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Wordless Wednesday – Hope


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