Wordless Wednesday – An Urban Jungle View

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Wordless Wednesday – Upside Green

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Fun Foto Challenge – Picks From Me

A mix platter you can say!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – My Karachi

The very city of mine is a jungle!

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Wordless Wednesday – Among Giants


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rows In Jungle

Hunt or get hunted!

One rule for every jungle.

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On The Road – Modern Jungle

Honestly speaking, we still live in jungle. No matter how much we modernize our lives and thoughts, the core concept remains the same, always. After all, we are animals, though we call ourselves more social than the others. Continue reading

The Biggest Jungle

Hunt or get hunted
That’s the motto of corporate world

You have to do beyond your best
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Mix Plate #10

Here we go again! It’s another Monday of our lives.

I noticed today, how blue the sky was today in morning. Now I understand why it was.

Anyway, enjoy today’s specials!

mix plate

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I’m With Murree

Okay, where were we?

Oh yes! We were heading towards snowy filled mountains surround by giant trees after checking out Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila and a sneek peak into the Food Street.

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