How To Learn

There’s much to learn

Not for just our own gain

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Fun Foto Challenge – Towards The Sky

Aren’t you looking towards it more often nowadays?

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Oldie Twisted

I spotted this old sea snail shell on beach and picked it up.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Lines And Angles

One straight line, countless possibilities!

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The Big Tackle

Hard for many souls

To cool off themselves

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Just Give A Look

You can learn a lot
Just by observing others

What lies within them
Is judged by words they speak

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Baba, I Can’t Do It!

In about 2 months time, Uzair will start the biggest journey of his life. Though for sometime, it will be just fun and play but when time comes, he will truly harness that device in his hands which is mightier than a sword.


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Little Shop of Memories

Pencils, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, Geometry Tools, Pens, Rulers, Marking Pens. What does all these things have common? You might say school or a classroom or things a student need most. Ask me this & I will say just two words: Sweet memories

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