Post I Like: 9 Ways To Inspire Others

Yes, there are many ways to inspire others. Some good and some bad. Here we are talking about the good ways only because using bad ways is so wrong.

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Few Black Quotes

Yes, black quotes! Everyday, all of us read inspirational and motivational quotes that lifts up our spirit and gives us a purpose to bring joy, laughter, hope, excitement, dream and so much more in our lives. I do like such quotes too and try to make them part of my life.

But then there are black quotes, which can be termed as opposite of all those inspirational/motivational quotes. These black quotes gives us a glimpse of what is actually happening in the very world we are living but might not be seeing.

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Baba, Look!!

And so he climbed!!

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Up or Down

Going up means you will find success
But not without facing hard times

Going down means you have to start over
Think what you did wrong and don’t repeat it

stairs down

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket

Supermarkets are great place. You will find whatever you need under one roof, which is both convenient and smart. Like rest of the world, Karachi now also has some great supermarkets in different parts of the city. In fact, number of supermarkets have increased substantially in past 5 years (Check this list for some major supermarkets of Karachi).

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