WDYS #152 – A Life Of 14 Days

Pointy needles and monitoring probes

Covered your fragile body

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Lens-Artists Challenge – It’s An Opposite Life

Like it or not

Life’s just like that

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WDYS #150 – A Life’s Circle

Round goes the life

Not just of yours and mine

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Would You Reset

One simple button

To undo all the wrongs

If life just had it

But then again

What would be

Life’s very purpose

If one could press

The rest button

Ever now and then

Re-posting – How Long To Wait

For how long

One should wait?

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Nature’s Destructiveness

Embracing each other

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WDYS #148 – Life’s Anew

Oh, the joyous of all the moments

As new life is being welcomed

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Lens-Artists Challenge – In Motion

Life is nothing but motion!

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Three Things Challenge – July 4th

Chords were struck

Taps on the drums

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Post I Like – PoeticTuesday – 58

Ever thought about flowing like a river?

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