Weekend Sky #28 – May 15th

An earliest of shade!

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FOTD Thursday – May 13th

For a new life

There’s much to look for

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Post I Like – How To Let Go?

How much we can carry onto ourselves?

Not just the physical load but also the weight we add over on our mind, heart and soul. Some of that may be useful for us but most of it is nothing but garbage.

Which is certainly not what we should drag along on the path of life.

Erika Kind is talking about How To Let Go of the things that hurdles into our path.

Read it out!

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Every other week, I am publishing an audio meditation on my websiteerikakind.com.Usually, I am doing this during group meditations, but due to the Corona situation, I switch to that option. However, the topic of this week is bringing clarity, balance, and steadfastness into life. To achieve that, we need to let go of illusions or self-imposed pressure due to the requirements we set ourselves.

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In The Mean Time

There was a time

When I was nothing

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Gracious Strangers

Some gracious ones

In life’s journey

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Weekend Sky #25 – April 24th

The view ain’t so bright everywhere!

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The Droplets Bright

Small but mighty!

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A Dreamy Rant

Awakening from my sleep

I wonder about the dreams

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A Once Upon A Nest Story

A true story actually!

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Wordless Wednesday – Tiny


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