CFFC Thursday – While They Were Unaware

I took the chance and captured the moment through my camera!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Steps In Sands

These footprints aren’t mine

Made by those who walked before me

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Re-posting – To Wait Or Not To Wait

For the right moment

Some will wait gladly

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FOTD Saturday – Aug 13th

A gentle one

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CFFC Wednesday – Paddling Towards A Connection

A simple but thought provoking way!

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FOTD Wednesday – June 8th

Deep within yourself

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Reposting – I Look For Life – Part II

Haven’t seen but still
I sketch up your face

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Me And My Choices

Over the course of my life

I may have chosen wrongfully

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A Shiny Moment On The Sand

Still away from the beach I’m!

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Nothing For Sure

Matters of nothing

Circulates our life

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