FOTD Macro Monday – Sep 26th

Macroing on a marigold!

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Whatever FOTD Is Lovely – A New Hibiscus

A new one for a new day!

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Post I Like – The Land of Fire and Ice 🇮🇸

Bearing the hot temperatures for last 3 days and finally receiving much needed rain in the afternoon today, I didn’t knew the a virtual trip to Iceland would make my today a special one.

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FOTD Monday – Sep 12th

An absence

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Would You Reset

One simple button

To undo all the wrongs

If life just had it

But then again

What would be

Life’s very purpose

If one could press

The rest button

Ever now and then

Sunday Poser #95 – Comments Or Likes

An interesting questions by Sadje for her Sunday Poser #95:

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FOTD Monday – Aug 15th

Along came the whiteness

Wondering to resume

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Monday FOTD – Aug 8th

Spread out a little

To embrace the wonders

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Whatever Is Lovely – See The World

You can picture yourself here!

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Bound To Happen

What would last forever

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