Once Upon A Night

When the moon lit up the sky

And dreams twinkled like stars

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Weekend Sky #24 – April 17th

Setting up the mood!

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Wordless Wednesday – Curtained Colors


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Silent Sunday – Night At Balcony

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Hard To Say

Moving about

From one word to another

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Mid-Week Monochrome – A Turtle Reflection

This fella was a bit camera shy!

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Silent Sunday – Off To The Blues

Bask yourself in!

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Floral Friday – July 5th

A change in my Friday mood!

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One Word Sunday – Look At The Blue

The blue up above is my weakness!

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Re-blog: Enjoy Life!

Simple, short but an amazing set of thoughts by Kate about something we all known as Life!

Do read it out 🙂


when life seems to cause the blues

brighten yourself up with many hues

find something to make you laugh

then laugh and laugh until you baff

wear something sexy or cheerful

ardently avoid the grey and tearful

dance away to your favourite tune

muck about, play the buffoon

life is far too short

so don’t get caught

wasting it in an unfitting mood

make fun, be a real playful dude!

dedicated to Nat a lovely young lady who passed this week, cancer took her too soon!

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