Once Upon A Night

When the moon lit up the sky

And dreams twinkled like stars

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A Moon’s Bright

Those full moon nights

Of long gone summers

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Saturday Odd Ball – Night’s Might

Can you hear the call?

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Wordless Wednesday – Hope


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Silence Of The Blues

The whole world turned silent for me.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Chand

Do you remember 2016’s Supermoon event?

One that crazed up the whole world to see our very own moon within its closest elliptic orbit to Earth?

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Unusual Blues

I took a step or two and the whole color changed!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Morning Moon

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The Fluffy And The Rock

One evening, a far away fluffy in sky high above meet a white rock.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

For Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20, the topic is Solitude and here are my entries for it.


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