Post I Like – Nothing Is Permanent

An amazing set of thoughts by Sadje about the importance of change in our lives and how to be persistent with it.

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Floral Friday – Nov 18th

How much one should achieve in a life span?

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Monday FOTD – Nov 7th

Much to be seen

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Floral Friday – Nov 4th

Few steps in life are very vital.

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 66

There are some gifts that surrounds.

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A Journey’s Purpose

An early step

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Re-posting – Upon This Shelf

I can showcase my triumphs
Or the medals I have won

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WDYS #154 – My Set Of Tools

I showed up without a set of tools

But my mind was young and fresh

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Lens-Artists Challenge – It’s An Opposite Life

Like it or not

Life’s just like that

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Would You Reset

One simple button

To undo all the wrongs

If life just had it

But then again

What would be

Life’s very purpose

If one could press

The rest button

Ever now and then