Wordless Wednesday – Curving With Clouds


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Let It Glow

A snap, along with a thought or two, for the next few days.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Borrowed Chill

I borrowed the chill!

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Sunday Trees – Feb 12th

Sometimes, a small trip turns so much big when giants you join.

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A Filipino Turns Pakistani

Seeing is believing. With this in mind, Wallei Bautista Trinidad, a Dubai-based Filipino footwear professional, decided to follow his heart and spent 3 magical weeks in Pakistan.

Despite hearing all the warnings about Pakistan from his family and friends, Wallei did something against their wish and landed in Pakistan.

image courtesy of Jovago

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A Winter Tree In Summer

Is it okay to share a snap of a winter tree in summer?

I think it is. There is no harm in it as little bit of chill is good in summer. Isn’t it?

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Landscape Pakistan

From time to time, I share with you the scenic beauty of my country Pakistan on my blog. I also share them on Twitter daily (@hammadrais32). Regardless of what you have heard about Pakistan, the beauty my country holds is one of a kind where nature’s artwork speaks unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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Goodbye Murree!

Saying goodbye to someone we love is definitely not easy. Some real nerves are needed to handle the amount of tears we shed when such departure took place.

Obviously, you can relate the same feeling with a place you had just visited. As you have guessed it from the title, I’m talking about Murree again!

Zia's Trip (44)

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I’m Still With Murree

Yup, we are still in Murree, thanks to my friend Zia, as this hill station is full of eye soothing wonders of nature.

Zia's Trip (24)

Like I mentioned in my last post about Murree (click here to read it), the area is covered with pine and oak filled mountains. There are many springs and rivulets also which adds up more beauty. You can even view snowy peaks of Kashmir and sometimes, viewing the crest of Nanga Parbat is also possible.

You can reach Murree from either Islamabad or Rawalpindi via rental cars which are easily available. Most of the hotels are located in Mall Road area where accommodation is available on reasonable rates during off-seasons. But during summer and winter, empty rooms are hard to find and hotels will charge you more if they have one. Continue reading

I’m With Murree

Okay, where were we?

Oh yes! We were heading towards snowy filled mountains surround by giant trees after checking out Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila and a sneek peak into the Food Street.

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